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Shangri La Hotels | Land of Shangri-la

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Ferris Wheel Press proudly partners with Shangri-La Hotels Canada to bring to life an unforgettable stationery collection that features a special edition Echoes of Eaton 14k gold nibbed Brush Fountain Pen, a custom designed hardover A5 Sketchbook, as well as a stunning sparkling fountain pen ink that captures the spirit of Shangri-La properties around the globe.

Originally inspired by James Hilton’s 1933 novel, Lost Horizon, we draw from the details of Shangri-La properties in both Vancouver and Toronto. Known for their distinct modern-Chinoiserie style and 5 star hospitality, we capture the essence of their properties by bringing to life the mythical paradise that inspired their identity, as well as the iconic landmarks that characterize these two Canadian cities where Shangri-La reside.

Ink Tone: Ashy Brown, Champagne shimmer
Characteristics: Earthy, natural, grounding


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Champagne shimmer
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Peer through an intricately carved wooden screen into the dreamy landscape of the fabled Shangri-La, inspired by the 1933 novel, Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Discover snow-capped Rocky Mountains that sit nestled amongst cherry blossoms and magnolias in full bloom. Blue jays and Anna’s hummingbirds flutter through the branches, from flower to flower. Magnificent orcas swim through misty clouds, and the cresting waves of the English Bay, with a view of the fabled Shangri-La in the distance.

Notable design details:

  • Flanked by two Foo dogs inspired by the Food dog statues located at Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver.
  • Cherry blossoms, Magnolia, Trilliums, and Pacific Dogwood weave through wooden screens inspired by the decor of the Shangri-La hotel. The flowers represent Ontario and British Columbia, with the provincial flowers and two of the most popular flowering trees!
  • The official city birds of Toronto and Vancouver, Blue Jay and Anna’s Hummingbird flutter from branch-to-branch across the box.
  • Iconic buildings from Vancouver and Toronto create the dreamy landscape of Shangri-La; the CN Tower, Toronto City Hall, Science World, Prince’s Gate, Lions Gate Bridge, Harbour Centre and respective Shangri-La Hotels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Fernuk

Land of Shangri-la ink is very mysterious. At the heart it's a fascinating brown that looks elegant by itself. Then there's a warming shimmer that raises the luxury factor and makes it glow on the page. It feels old world and new at the same time. Makes me want to draw maps with it.

Kristian Hellström

This is one of those inks that really looks best in real life. The depth, warmth and complexity is very difficult to capture in a photo - not to mention the champagne shimmer that really gives the ink something extra. Really fun to write with but I mostly use it for illustrations and drawing. This is an ink that comes alive when you add a little water - it separates into beautiful greens, pinks and brown feathering that brings the area you're painting to life. Really fun to play around with.

SJC Chung
Used it for art sketch

I used this ink with fine nib Carousel Fountain Pen and, while the ink is beautifully dark, I felt that I wasn't getting the effect to its full potential, so I used it for art instead. The ink bleeds into very interesting coral and jade shades when it reaches the edge of a wash of water, and can be layered due to its intense dark brown nature. Has a very subtle bronze shimmer. Very elegant and I absolutely love it!


Excellent ink

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