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Curious Collaboration FerriTales - Ferris Wheel Press x Esterbrook Collection | Nebulous Blue & Nebulous Plume

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Curious Collaborations FerriTales™ Nebulous Collection - Limited Quantities Available

Ink Tone: Cobalt with Rose Gold shimmer
Characteristics: Deep, galactic, magical

Marvel at the resilience and perseverance of the human ability as we turn our wildest fantasies into tangible realities. Introducing the newest edition to the Curious Collaboration series, the Nebulous Collection, historic American pen brand Esterbrook & Canadian heritage company Ferris Wheel Press have come together to create an iconic duo: the Nebulous Plume Estie Pen & Nebulous Blue FerriTales Ink.

We invite you to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of hues as we embark on a multi-hued intergalactic journey. Traversing time and space, through a rainbow of six magnificent jewel tones of nebulous dust. We aim to shoot for the moon and beyond, to the furthest reaches of the infinite cosmos where anything is possible!

Once Upon a Design

An ode to the human spirit of exploration and adventure, join Ferris Wheel Press and Esterbrook on a joint intergalactic mission aboard the FWP-2010, blasting off to explore the edges of the known universe. While we traverse the vast expanse of space, passing through the glittering Milky Way & marvelling at the beauty of distant galaxies, we are driven by an unquenchable thirst for adventure and discovery. Chart a new course amongst the stars and explore uncharted territories beyond your wildest imagination with Nebulous Blue.

Notable design details:

  • Join the crew of the FWP-2010 on a spacewalk around ink bottle planets and shimmering galaxies.
  • Four constellations appear on the collaboration box - Canis Major and Minor, Corvus, and Scutum home to Messier 11, Wild Duck cluster of stars.
  • Duck and Beagle dog inspired by classic cartoon artists Carl Banks & Charles M. Schulz who used the Esterbrook pens to create their comics.
  • Pumpkin the cat joins the intergalactic mission.
  • A launching rocket reflects in the sunglasses of the Beagle dog, paying homage to the iconic AO “Saratoga” sunglasses worn by JFK.
  • First stop the moon, a Fountain Pen rocket blasts its way out of orbit.
Curious Collaboration Nebulous Plume - Esterbrook Estie

Introducing the stunningly vibrant, rainbow-coloured Nebulous Plume, the newest edition to the Esterbrook Estie collection. Hand turned from diamond cast acrylic, it captures the mesmerising swirl of distant galaxies and the starlit twinkle of the night sky. Each stroke of this pen is imbued with a sense of adventure and exploration, fueling you to map out new territories and discover new worlds; add a touch of galactic beauty to every writing experience as you shoot for the moon.

Nebulous Plume - Technical Specifications
  • USA-made DiamondCast material, blended from six custom acrylic colours
  • German Jowo 6 Nib and feed
  • Cushion Cap Closure with inner cap to seal the nib and keep it wet and prevent hard starts
  • Capped Length 149mm/ 5.9 inches
  • Posted Length 170mm/ 6.7 inches
  • International Standard cartridge and converter ink systems
  • Unique engraving on the nib featuring the FWP and Esterbrook logos
  • Custom design ring developed through a lost wax cast process

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Magda Skubisz

Very soft. Amazing design. My absolutely best purchase!

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