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Always Right Fether™ Folio - Midnight Blue

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What sparks a moment of inspiration is never scheduled, so we've designed a gorgeous folio cover for your notebook, created from Fether™ - our top grade cruelty-free leather.

Designed in two sharp colours and perfectly fitted to your Always Right notebook. Be ready for your next big idea - anytime, anywhere.

• Tailored fountain pen pocket
• Ink Charger vial slot
• Discreet credit card slot
• Commuter storage compartment
• Sleek silhouette for travel
Once Upon a Design

Fether™ is a proprietary vegan leather we developed to outperform top grain animal leather in every way. Fether™ is highly resistant to tear, abrasion, water, discolouration, and aging, while also being softer and up to 5x more durable than traditional leather.

Fether™ embodies the spirit of writing and progress: what was once inked with a quill made with a bird's feather is now done with a beautiful fountain pen. And why we ink is a part of our own evolution: journals are vessels for our thoughts and ideas, keep our spirits light and preparing us to take flight.

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