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Limited Edition 2023 | The Blue Legacy 38ml Ink Carriage

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Created as the perfect companion to The Crystal Blue Legacy 38ml Holiday Ink. This Special Edition Ink Carriage proudly cradles and displays your most precious bottle of 38ml ink – in an all-new champagne silver finish.

Transform any 38ml Ferris Wheel Press bottle into a carnival classic and bring inspiration to your deskscape with this adorable collectible.

Can be used to add stability during ink filling. When not in use, please replace the bottle cap.

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • Adored Ferris Wheel Press characters offer a magical ride, twirling and prancing ‘round the carousel.
  • Look closely, can you spot which inks of the past are remembered?
  • Three Ferris Wheel Press cats prance about, can you identify Patch, Pumpkin, and the noble Blacksmith?
  • Grandmother Grizzelda makes an appearance, identifiable by her adorable glasses.
  • Hidden throughout, Ferris Wheel Press stationery provides the structural integrity needed to keep this carousel running smoothly (much like their writing experience).
Product Features
  • Lined with velvet to softly cradle your bottle while you fill your Brush Fountain Pen, Carousel, or Roundabout pen.
  • Metal construction; the Ink Carriage securely sits on flat surfaces, providing an attractive base for your favourite Ferris wheel Press ink.
Care Instructions
  1. Take care when filling; ensure the bottle is upright to prevent spills. Do not tip or angle bottles.
  2. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not submerge in water to preserve the integrity of the adhesive velvet. In case of ink in the etching, a rub with a dampened cotton swab.
  3. To preserve finish, do not use abrasives or solvents to remove dried ink.

CAUTION: Beware of pointed edges; this product is not meant for children. Please handle with care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Candace Chu
It's a cute ink carriage

I was doubting if I want to pay for this for $50 cad but then there was a deal going for a short time if you purchase over $20 you get this for free.... I am so happy with this 😊

Geoff Goetz

I absolutely love this ink carriage! With FWP having such aesthetic bottles, this is the perfect display for any office/works space. It is a great decore piece and serves as a "now in use" display case

Isabelle Charron

So cute and useful ! Love it ! 🤩👌

Emma W

Holds ink perfectly and looks pretty as a decoration in my study room too !!!


This is a great addition to my FWP inks
Now I am no longer worried to tip my ink bottle and have it spilled all over 😳
A must have for a peace of mind
The ink bottle stays in place nicely
It is also beautiful 🤩

Brandy Ostrem

Super cute!it looks great on my desk. I do wish the ink could sort of lock into it, as I feel like it could still be a bit tipsy. But overall, well done!

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