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The Bijou Fountain Pen - Fabled Feather

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Exclusively for the FerriTales Collection, we present a new limited edition of the Bijou Fountain Pen in our Snowfall finish. Admire the intricately engraved brass grip, which continues the story of the Wild Swans Collection. Capture the magic and embark on a journey where the magic of your story dances upon the page with your every stroke.

Our newest masterpiece, The Bijou – Inspired by crown jewels and characterized by two new, mesmerizing lacquer finishes. Available in Sapphire Lacquer and Snowfall Lacquer options, both convey a stunning play on light. This symphony of visual delight continues with an intricately detailed grip, and double gold-plated brass hardware.

At the heart of The Bijou lies a new two-tone No. 5 steel nib; experience smoothness in every stroke. With improved machining and threading accuracy, expect a high-quality instrument that is equipped with a removable feeder unit that allows for easy maintenance. The Bijou arrives with a standard international size ink converter, ready for your favourite Ferris Wheel Press ink and next stroke of brilliance.

The Bijou proudly claims the honour of receiving Lord H.H. Evergreen's Loyal Warrant, an emblem of unrivalled quality and prestige in the Ferris Wheel Press universe. The Bijou is the compact instrument of choice appointed by Lord Evergreen and the Loyal Family of Ferris Wheel Press.

Spotlight Features:

  • All new signature two-tone No. 5 smooth writing steel nib
  • Stunning Sapphire Lacquer finish with mesmerizing depth
  • Intricately detailed brass grip with double gold plated finish
  • Removable nib and feeder
  • Includes standard international size ink converter
Once Upon a Design
  • Released with 20ml Ferritales - Radiant Rosewing fountain pen ink.
  • The engraved grip captures the flocking details from the story of the 12 Wild Swans, with fluttering feathers and knitted nettle that bring this fabled Ferritales to life.
  • A beloved everyday instrument of choice commissioned for the Loyal Family, made to be admired and begs to be picked up as your favourite creative tool, everyday.
Technical Specifications
  • Full brass body with Sapphire Lacquer or Snowfall Lacquer finish
  • Nib: Two-Tone Stainless Steel #5 in Fine/Medium, removable feeder
  • Brass grip/hardware with engraved and double gold plated details
  • Total length:143.7mm
  • Total Width: 12mm
  • Cap length: 56.3mm
  • Body length: 91.3mm
  • Grip length: 21mm
  • Total weight: 22.7g
  • Filling System: Standard International sized piston converter
Care Instructions
  1. DO NOT post the cap onto your pen when writing. Our pen has been designed and balanced to write with the cap un-posted
  2. The threads of the cap are brass and risk damaging the lacquer if you post the cap
  3. Store pen vertically with the tip pointing upwards when not in use to minimize clogs; routine flushing and maintenance recommended, especially with sparkling inks

Filling your Bijou Fountain Pen

  1. Unwind the grip from the barrel of the pen to reveal the converter
  2. Pull the converter off of the grip assembly
  3. Clean your nib and converter by rinsing it in cold water until water runs clear
  4. If the pen has not been in use for a few weeks, you may need to submerge the nib for an hour to loosen up the ink
  5. Air dry the nib and converter and reassemble when fully dry
  6. Twist the end knob until the piston is fully depressed
  7. Submerge the entire nib into the ink, and SLOWLY twist the piston to draw the ink until the converter is fully extended
  8. It is normal to have some small air pockets at the top of the converter

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Context for this review, while I LOVE every single Ferris Wheel ink I own, I have not loved the pens. I own 3 Brush Fountain Pens and 4 carousel pens, and haven’t had the best experience, with 2 of them having issues where I had to reach out for replacements. I was particularly displeased with the Brush Fountain Pen and reviewed it quite harshly on here. FWP reached out a few months back to let me know that they were releasing a new generation of pens and would love to send me one to change my mind, so here I am and here it is!

Bijou Pens use the same packaging as Brush Fountain Pens, just different cosmetics. FWP never fails in the design department, this time with glossy uv pattern throughout the case. The execution however is still the same as Brush Fountain Pen, with the cardboard slider which was one of the things I didn’t like. Not a big issue, however.
The ink charger is quite frankly still terrible. It was detached from the pen when I opened it. It’s flimsy and somehow has sticky residue on the opening, maybe it was lubricant? The flimsiness makes the charger itself wobble at the twister end and creates noise when writing as it makes contact with the body of the pen. This was also an issue with the Brush Fountain Pen.

That being said, the biggest issue I had with the Brush Fountain Pen, which was the cap design, has been fixed! Due to the way the Brush Fountain Pen cap screwed onto the nib holder, it often unscrewed if not particular/careful with how tight each end was screwed. There was a point where I accidently had the nib stuck inside the cap when I was live on stream, and needed a pryer to take it out. I’m really happy to see the Bijou pen fixed this and it’s far more comfortable to screw both parts.

As for writing, it still feels amazing! I picked a green (Moonlit Jade) to test as I tend to have more minor issues with green ink’s flow in general. It was flawless. The pen is comfortable to hold and writes smoothly, this part is no surprise.

Conclusion is that the Bijou fountain pen from Ferris Wheel Press is a visually stunning pen in every aspect. The carving is intricate and delicate and the new gold coated tip is a nice touch. The body is just as elegant looking as before. I still believe that, at the $150 price point, it could use a better charger. They DID fix the deal breaker for me with the Brush Fountain Pen, which was the cap design, so that was wonderful.
Would I recommend it? It depends! if you only want a good writing experience, you absolutely can find something much cheaper. If you want something that looks like art and don't care for additional accessory like cases, I’d recommend it. It's a joy to look at.

Also, huge thanks to the customer care team at FWP. I may not have the 10/10 opinion of the pens, I absolutely love the brand and their customer service.

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