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The Brush Fountain Pen - Sunrise Sorbet

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Each fountain pen is handmade from copper, brass, and stainless steel for a well balanced yet substantial writing experience. Each intricate detail of the grip is now engraved to enhance the tactility and feedback of a design that is bold as brass.

The converter has been updated to a more structurally robust, larger volume. The new mechanism allows for a smoother and more consistent filling experience.


• Full copper body
• Brass grip with CNC etching
• Brass nut on cap
• Total length: 143mm
• Cap length: 57mm
• Grip length: 24mm
• Total weight: 23g
• Nib: Stainless Steel Medium Point OR Fine Point
• Filling System: Standard International sized piston converter with ~0.75ml chamber

Once Upon a Design

The Brush Fountain Pen takes its namesake and familiarity from the contoured silhouette of an artist's paintbrush. This shape was designed for good balance in-hand, while remaining comfortable over a long period of time. These characteristics are valued by every modern day writer or illustrator wanting to use inspiring tools that function as well as they look.

Drawing parallels to the ferrule, traditionally a metal section that holds the bristles of a brush, the grip section of the Brush fountain pen plays the important role of securing the nib. The spirited etchings on the grip are inspired by the mechanical components of our vintage printmaking studio equipment; including the flywheel of a 1912 Pearl letterpress, and a fully functional Underwood typewriter – the 'original' modern method of typesetting. The fanning geometric lines are analogous to the type hammers of a typewriter, each carrying it's own miniature metal type block, waiting to be activated. And like how the carriages of a ferris wheel support its riders, the cylindrical carriage of a typewriter transports its paper in a horizontal and circular fashion.

Customer Reviews

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Louise Godmer

Love my new fountain pen !
It is beautiful ,the color is perfet .


When it arrived, I immediately opened the box to discover the beautiful colour. The weight and perfect balance of the pen was the second thing I noticed. I was excited to load it with ink and begin using it. And that was the third thing I noticed. It was easy to fill and when I wrote with it, it glided across the paper. I chose a fine nib. I had heard that a fine nib pen can be scratchy. This pen was wonderful. My job involves quite a lot of writing and I promptly put the pen to use. I also enjoy handwritten letters and send out a few each week. I have always love cursive handwriting....but this pen makes it feel like I have just discovered the art of handwriting! Thank you Ferris Wheel Press for your superior products!

Maggie McDonald

I bought this pen as a 40th birthday present for myself and I love it. It has such a nice weight even though it's quite slim, and the colour is gorgeous (I have a weakness for coral). It's wrote well right oit of the box, no tuning required. The engraving on the section is a beautiful touch.

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