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Terracotta Canyon

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After the hustle and bustle on the melodic streets of New Orleans, join Madam Mulberry as she takes a brief respite to the majestic sights of neighbouring Georgia. Gaze out into the expanse of the Providence Canyon, where the earth's vibrant hues paint a mesmerising canvas of geological wonder. Amidst the rugged beauty of nature's handiwork, Madam Mulberry finds solace in the silence, her senses awakened by the whispers of the wind and the gentle caress of sunlight on her skin. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature with this earthy terracotta, allowing the magic of the canyon fuel your creative spirit.

Ink Tone: Terracotta Orange
Characteristics: Soothing, warming, grounding


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • Madam Mulberry perches on a rather uncomfortable looking seat. Something about her body language suggests she might not be as up for the natural elements of the canyon as the rest of the crowd.
  • Hot air balloons float across the sky, dodging curiously shaped clouds. Can you decipher what they are trying to say?
  • The sun sets on the canyon, throwing deep shadows and enhancing the natural beauty of the rock formations, hopefully you can take a moment to join the crowd as they marvel at the splendour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Holly Davidson
unique shade

This ink struggles a little to write as its so pale but its gorgeous for painting or if you are using a brush for lettering. Its high shading and is such a warm unique shade

Shelly Musyj
Better than I dreamed!

I was a little sceptical about this colour, I ADORE Writing Desk for my brown ink needs and Hearty Harvest and Main St. Marmalade for my orange, but this exceeded all my hopes for a subtle in between! It has the warm tones I want in a brown with the rich radiance I expect from the orange inks. This colour is spot on and flows so nicely from the Terracotta Canyon Aluminum pen!

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