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Stroke of Midnight

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Along with the stars in the sky, write your next fairytale with bursts of fireworks in our latest holiday ink that captures the excitement of the countdown, and the celebration of hope for a new start.

Tone: Honourable midnight blue with a captivating red sheen and sparkling mixed metallic bursts
Characteristics: Magnificent, opalescent, inspiring, fantastical, marvellous, sheening, sparkling


• 38ml or 85ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Gold and silver mixed Shimmer
• Red Sheen
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Notable Design Details:

  • Inspired by time and the anticipation of ringing in a new year and set in a railway station inspired by Musée d’Orsay, the work of 19th-century French architect Victor Laloux.
  • Originally built as a train station in France, Musée d’Orsay is now an art museum that is home to a number of classic pieces from around the world.
  • Domed glass ceilings showcasing golden bursts of fireworks, reflecting the mesmerizing shimmer of this sparkling ink.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amara S
Great Ink

I love the pigmentation of this ink. I just love Ferris Wheel Press inks in general.

Nicole Wright
Stroke of Midnight

This particular ink has been elusive for quite some time now but I am overjoyed it is finally part of my collection. It was one of the first inks I wanted from Ferris Wheel Press.

Marie-Pier Plante
Favorite ink

This ink is currently my favorite from FWP. The glitter is very rich and present. Maybe i'll write my next masterpiece with it!

Regular looking blue

A beautiful blue, but there appears to be no red sheen, and very little glitter. I've filled up my Carousel multiple times with the ink, and written a lot with it, but it comes out as a regular navy blue with no other features, and that is somewhat disappointing.

The ink otherwise writes beautifully - saturated, with a smooth flow, qualities I've come to expect from Ferris Wheel Press inks. Beautiful packaging and bottle as always.

Brilliant Ink!

I love this ink! I tend to write with plain black ink but it’s wonderful to have a shade that adds some excitement while still being practical. So pretty!!

Chelsey Forshaw

Beautiful ink that shipped and arrived very quickly, even though it was ordered during a sale in December I received the ink in about 4 days. Very nicely packaged, beautiful ink. I haven't bought a shimmer ink before this one, so there was a bit of a learning curve in learning to shake the bottle before filling, and shake the pen a bit before writing so the shimmer comes out. The color is just beautiful. Writing on a cream paper it looks just about perfectly black until the light hits it.

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