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Once Upon a Time | Bumbling Blossom

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Bumbling Blossom is an enchanting rose pink ink that tells a story of transformation and wonder. Like the magical flower that bore Thumbelina, emerge from your own journey of discovery with this ALL NEW duochrome sparkling shimmer, which shifts from pink to green, just like the unexpected twists of your very own adventures.

Ink Tone: Fairy Blossom Pink
Characteristics: Duochrome Pink and Chartreuse Sparkle

FerriTales™ 2023 Collection

Open the gilded cover of your favourite fairy book and dive deep into the FerriTales Collection. Re-imaging the tallest tales told through time, we inspire a new generation of writers and creatives with our most luxurious collection of fine fountain pen inks.

Captured in a 20ml glass globe with a widened neck to fit most fountain pens, this high quality, richly saturated pen ink is our most cherished collection yet. Explore a world of premium, dazzling shimmers, enchanting tonal combinations, and captivating sheens to add to your treasured chest of stationery.


• 20ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Duochrome Shimmer
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • Interior bottle opening: 10mm wide to fit a variety of writing instruments
  • A magnificent set of golden garden gates that protect the blossoms of Thumblelina’s home, Art Nouveau hand-illustration
  • Blossoming flowers birthing fairies, bottles and brass stationery galore
  • Our beloved Patch, immortalised as a stone statue of the eternal fountain
  • Can you find the pipe that hints at the next chapter of the FerriTales collection?

Customer Reviews

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This is a very stunning and vibrant pink. The duochrome shimmer is difficult to capture properly with still image, but it's a lot finer in person. While the description suggests the shimmer goes from pink to green, it appears a bit more like silver to green due to the base color being very striking, desaturating the pink in the shimmer. It is a very fun shade and pairs extremely well with Tumbling Time Blue.
I didn't use this ink for fountain pen but it is wonderful as painting ink.

Sara D.

La tinta es preciosa.

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