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Justin Michaud
These pens are cheap!

Ok, for an entry level fountain pen... It works. The ink flows out of the nib fairly smooth. But for the price... It is not worth it. Cheap plastic, extremely hard to uncap, and going on wish and buying a chinese dongshim fountain pen for 2$ and free shipping is a better deal. If you are buying the carousel pen it is because you want the cute box and the nice plastic colour. In short, not worth the cost.

Bad first pen experience

This pen was a gift for a nephew who wanted to start using fountain pens at school. Unfortunately, the pen body unscrews when uncapped, resulting in ink leaking onto his fingers, notes, and bag. This is not the first fountain pen experience anyone hopes for. FWP, please inspect your pens for QA/QC prior to shipping to avoid these not at all minor mishaps.

I will not be sending the pen back as FWP’s return policy is a joke (i.e. restocking fee for pens that have been inked - how do we know whether the pen works or in this case does not work without inking it up and using it?, return shipment cost not covered - return shipment is twice the cost of the pen).

not happy customer

This was a gift for a nephew who used it at school, only to have ink leaking into his bag and onto his notebooks. There’s significant ink creep onto the top side of the nib. The body unscrews from the section when uncapped. This pen is not usable and should not have passed any QA/QC inspections, but combined with another recent brush fountain pen purchase experience, I highly doubt FWP performs quality assurance checks in the first place.

Samar Sheikh

Lovely pen

Kj Hoveland-Wight

Love the way this pen feels in my hand!

Jenn McIver

Lovely, lightweight fountain pen. My only annoyance was getting emails to review the product in the same day it shipped, and then again a couple days later.

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