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Once Upon a Time | Plaited Gold Tress

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Ink Tone: Golden Yellow with Duochrome gold shimmer
Characteristics: Radiant, glowing, sunny, rejuvenating

FerriTales™ 2023 Collection

Looking beyond the radiance reveals Rapunzel's life in capture, concealed behind towering walls. Her cascading golden tresses flow like a river as vibrant as the sunlit dawn. With a tender touch, her existence transforms, shattering the chains of isolation that once held her captive. As the golden glow of this ink radiates, let its shimmering hues mirror a realm of inner strength and unwavering resilience.

Open the gilded cover of your favourite fairy book and dive deep into the FerriTales Collection. Re-imaging the tallest tales told through time, we inspire a new generation of writers and creatives with our most luxurious collection of fine fountain pen inks.

Captured in a 20ml glass globe with a widened neck to fit most fountain pens, this high quality, richly saturated pen ink is our most cherished collection yet. Explore a world of premium, dazzling shimmers, enchanting tonal combinations, and captivating sheens to add to your treasured chest of stationery.


• 20ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Green/ Pink Duochrome Shimmer
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

Notable design details:

  • Interior bottle opening: 10mm wide to fit a variety of writing instruments
  • Enchanted Campanula Rapunculus interweave through Rapunzel's hair, the magic greens that gave her iconic tresses.
  • A handsome prince rides his horse to the tower, ready to do whatever it takes to rescue Rapunzel. His weapon of choice being mightier than a sword.
  • A solitary tower rises from the forest, it may have windows, but there is no door in sight! Getting inside takes courage, daring and a lot of teamwork!
  • Can you find the note the Witch left when she took Rapunzel for herself?

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Liette Vaudry
Great colour!

I simply love this lovely yellow with sparkles. The writing is lovely with this colour and I’d love to see it come in a bigger format.


This is such a rich and gorgeous yellow! Very happy with it!

Wendy M Martin Turley

I love the layers of colour and sparkle. I worried I wouldn’t be able to see my writing, but that wasn’t an issue. I love the novelty of the colours, the easy flow of the ink and their pens. There’s no skipping as the flow is beautiful and even.

I feel like i'm writing in gold

It's such a beautiful color. When i first saw it i got really excited to use it when i ordered it... and now as i write... i sometimes wonder if it's actually gold

qudsiyya Zalgaonker

I’ve emailed twice about my product and have not received a shipping notice of any kind. I have no review of a product not received.

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