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Central Park Greens

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Take a slow stroll through Central Park and admire the natural and man-made features in the heart of New York City. Appreciate the serene green, where the noise of the city fades away, with the subtle serenade of songbirds, trickling water, and humans at play. Grab a relaxing seat beside the glistening spray of Bethesda Fountain, and soak in the beautiful architecture of Central Park.

Ink Tone: Lush grassy green
Characteristics: Calming, earthy, verdant, natural


• 38ml ink reservoir
• Rich and saturated tones
• Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
• Signature brass cap

Once Upon a Design

In the New York New York collection, we celebrate the sights and sounds of the City with three rich and vibrant colours: Grand Central Skies, Lights on Broadway, and Central Park Greens. Commemorating an unforgettable trip to the Big Apple in 2022 - we’ve captured our memories in bright and bold colours that represent FWP’s quintessential NYC experience.

Come with us as we revisit the glowing broadway lights of New York City; bask in the nature within a concrete jungle; and take a ride on one of the world’s most iconic transport systems. We hope to inspire your very own wanderings in the city that never sleeps.

Notable design details:

  • Iconic New York skyscrapers peek over the edges of the park - the Plaza and the Empire State Building with Rockefeller centre in the distance.
  • Catch a ride on an iconic horse carriage - but here the horses pick their own working hours!
  • Join a Canadian goose as he bathes in Bethesda fountain - not quite sure of the legality of public bathing.
  • Take a peek into Bethesda Plaza, it’s historic columns housing beautiful murals and decorated ceilings

Customer Reviews

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Eowyn Campbell

I wanted a green that would work for foliage and this is perfect. It blends well and dries quickly.


What a wonderful addition to my collection! This green is not only lovely for pen and paper, but it also is a beautiful colour with which to paint It can be wonderfully vibrant when used full strength and softly subtle if needed. I have been urged by friends to try other brands of ink, but when you find something so fine as this...why switch?

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