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Puts the pep in my penmanship

I love writing with this pen! I purchased it with a fine nib and it writes great. Not too scratchy and ink comes out beautifully! Super happy to have snagged this before it was discontinues!


writes softly compared to other steel nibs

Beth Anderson

I was so excited to try this out, I already loved the inks with my dip pens, I wasn’t sure how the shimmer/ glitter inks would work in the fountain pens.
The converter works beautifully and once installed, everything was amazing. The pen is well balanced, the ink flow was on point. Just a gentle shake to stir up the pigment and ready to go for more writing and sketching.


I was pleasantly surprised by this pen after buying the aluminum version. This version is very comfortable to hold (unlike the aluminum one as the ridges from where the cap screws in are painful over time.) With the aluminum carousel the cap can’t be posted without scratching the pen body. This one the cap just pops off and doesn’t scratch when posted. Writing is fine, similar to other Ferris wheel pens (I’ve definitely had smoother writing pens but look wise these ones are more up my alley). My major qualms about Ferris wheel pens are that there are no replacement nibs (which would be a nice option)

Wendy Crawford

My order came promptly and correctly. The products are really lovely. The only comment I have is the Fluttering Heart ink is very faint and delicate...a little hard to see. Perhaps I didn't shake it well enough before filling my pen.

Andy Altoft

No ink therefore pointless plus over $30 to deliver just down the road is crazy. Still waiting for customer services to get back to me. Not worth the money.

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