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Customer Reviews

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Rob Favalaro

Lovely inks

Bill Favalaro

Love the colour. Love the bottle & love the packaging

Valerie Warmington

Tumbling Time Blue so true...
I never seem to have enough of these inks. The bottles, so beautifully packaged, are generous in size, safely transported and promptly delivered.
Any given as gifts are so heppily received especially when I include a Ferris Wheel Press pen.

Brandy Ostrem

Stunning! I use this ink in my medium nib pen and it’s just so fun to see the ink shine as I write!

Alicia Mason

This is the first experience I’ve had with actual bottled ink (not just fountain pen cartridges), and I’ve been missing out. Tumbling Time Blue is stunning. I love the packaging of all of FWP’s inks, but the shine, detail, artwork, and whimsy of these packages and bottles are incredible. As soon as I held the glass bottle, I instantly wanted to collect ALL of the colours.
Very easy to use, colours are vibrant and rich, and the sparkle is incredible.

Lidia B

Tumbling Time Blue is like looking into a magical crystal to see your future. It draws you within, and hypnotizes you. The Twin Peaks (the series) script could have been written with this ink, which reflects the mystery, tension, and the red hue appearing now and then, keeping you at your tip toes. I would recommend to anyone who loves dark mystery, with a pivotal dark character.

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