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Favourite colour: Sage Green
Favourite food: Salmon Pie

With a dream and fierce determination, the young Bearnice Bearrington broke from family tradition, striking out on her own, determined to forge her own path. For years she travelled the world, picking up odd jobs, experiencing as much as possible. But as years passed, she began to yearn for something more meaningful. Despite her adventurous spirit, a sense of purpose eluded her. She longed for a calling that would ignite her soul and leave a lasting impact. With that, she settled on opening her bookshop, Bearrington Books, hoping to bring great adventures to all who cross her threshold.

Bearrington Books is a whirlwind of stories and light-hearted mishaps. Her passion for fairy tales and adventures are reflected in her expansive literature collections, and spill over into spirited storytelling sessions. Bearnice's bookshop thrives on her infectious enthusiasm, hosting quirky book clubs and engaging storytelling nights that draw the community closer. It's a place where laughter is as common as the rustle of pages, reflecting Bearnice's dream to fill lives with adventure and connection.

Patch is an enigma, some might call her a troublemaker, others “the firecracker who always seems to have something going on,” but they are never quite sure what it is. After getting caught in a sudden downpour one day, she found herself seeking shelter in the newly opened Bearrington Books. Since then she has returned once a week to peruse the shelves in search of the newest and most interesting adventures to lose herself in. Despite her mysterious aura, Patch has found solace in the pages of her beloved books, each one offering an escape from the humdrum of her own life.

Patch's visits to Bearrington Books have become the highlight of her week, a secret escape into worlds far from her daily antics. Her unpredictable nature makes her well-known among the shop's patrons, who are always eager to hear about her escapades. Patch is known for her mischievous pranks, often leaving the townsfolk in a mix of bewilderment and admiration.

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Favourite colour: Rose blush
Favourite food: Catnip Tea


Favourite colour: Forest Green
Favourite food: Ambrosia Salad

Lord H. H. Evergreen was born to simple means as H. H. Conifer Jr., son of H. H. Conifer Sr., a well known local craftsman. Starting at a young age, he worked alongside his father learning the delicate art of woodworking. As he honed his skills, learning to accentuate the beauty of woodgrain, he gained an appreciation for the finest of woods. With this love he resolved to make a living of his passion, saving every penny possible ‘til he could buy his own plot of land, founding Evergreen Lumberworks. As years passed, his success grew and the name Evergreen became synonymous with quality craftsmanship. His dedication led to the greatest of successes, allowing him to retire early and enjoy the finer things in life.

As a wealthy retired industrialist, his interests extend beyond his playful fashion sense, reflecting his multifaceted personality. He has devoted his life to indulging in the finest goods money can procure. With his significant investment into these fine sundries, he has decided to bestow upon them his stamp of approval - The Loyal Warrant, an emblem of unrivalled quality and prestige that denotes. As the patriarch of the Loyal Family, he aims to share his refined tastes with the world.