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Customer Reviews

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The perfect first pen!

I bought this pen so I could try writing with pretty inks, and I am so impressed! As somebody who always thought the fountain pen + ink "hobby" was too expensive to get into- this pen is the best thing that has happened to my work day! It writes smoothly and feels great in my hand!

Caitlin Goring

I love this pen! The colour is beautiful altho I am biased as green is generally my favourite colour. This is a great way to start out with fountain pens as it’s a reasonable price compared to some other entry level fountain pens.

Kim Crawford

This is a nice little pen. Much like the Lamy

Damaris Gaete Ortega

Writes very smoothly, absolutely one of my favorite fountain pens and such a good deal! I love Ferris Wheel Press!

Jennifer Ross

These Carousel pens are the absolute best value there is for an inexpensive fountain pen. They write so smoothly and the cap fits securely and snugly. They are light weight and the ink always flows smoothly. There are no hard starts or skipping with the Carousel pens. The only way Ferris Wheel Press could make these even more perfect would be to introduce an extra fine job (hint hint). The price point on these is so good that you can pick them up in several colours. And the converter has a little floating ball which helps in shaking up the ink, which is great if you use shimmering inks. Love.

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